About FAC

Flylink Aviation College was established in 2017 primarily to train professional pilots for the Airline and General Aviation sectors of not only Australia’s but the Asia Pacific’s Aviation Industry. Located at Archerfield Aerodrome, which is Brisbane’s secondary airport and Queensland’s major centre for General Aviation, Flylink Aviation College is therefore sited at one of the prime pilot training locations in Australia. The Aerodrome has Air Traffic Control services, 4 runways and operates under an Instrument Arrival Procedure. Located close to Brisbane City, the Archerfield Campus is therefore located within short distances from various public amenities, shopping, academic and cultural establishments that make Brisbane and the surrounds of Archerfield such a liveable and vibrant place.

The College holds a Civil Aviation Safety Authority Part 141 Approval as well as being an ASQA accredited Registered Training Organization empowered to award a recognised Diploma in Aviation together with the Commercial Pilot License.

At FAC, you will find an International and multi-cultural environment designed to be conducive to learning theoretical and practical skills required of a professional aviator.



The Head of Training at FAC is an instructor who shares a passion for teaching, making every flight lesson extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. This does not take away from the fact that he always keeps the safety of all students and staff at the centre of everything he does. Russell can often be seen quizzing students to make sure they are retaining the knowledge they are learning, but that doesn’t stop him from lending a helping hand or assist in counselling students whenever they have difficulties in certain areas.

I myself, and the whole instructing team at FAC are extremely lucky to be trained by him.

Farhiz Soni

Former Flight Instructor Trainee

The time I spent at FAC as a trainee will always be remembered very fondly by me. The whole organisation, the staff and students are always closely knit, friendly and helpful.

The lady in charge of student management is always helpful and making sure that all the arrangements and non-training matters like accommodations and even shopping trips for groceries are well organized.

I feel confident in my flying skills and abilities because of the way I was instructed and there is always safety awareness that is emphasized.

I would definitely recommend coming here for your pilot training.

Cho Yiu Man

Former Student Pilot

Coming from Colombia, I was apprehensive of travelling to a far away place and spending so much time in a foreign land. Instead I found that FAC is very multi-cultural with an International family like environment. FAC is very oriented to students from the Asia Pacific region and I have found an eclectic mix of Asian and Local Australian staff and students right here.

Training to be a pilot requires some hard work and concentration, and I have found the environment here to be very conducive to my learning. There are many social and cultural events and places of interest as well as entertainment found quite nearby. I have to admit that I go to the theme parks at the Gold Coast whenever I want a break.

Davison Dario

Student Pilot

As a former student, I can highly recommend FlyLink Aviation College as a professional pilot training college to help you achieve your flying goals. I completed my Flight Instructor Rating with FAC and graduated with more than just a new rating on my licence, I finished with a deeper level of understanding of training student pilots and of contemporary teaching methods.

What especially impressed me was their personalised service, knowledge and friendly staff. Their fleet of Diamond aircraft are world class.

I'm now working as an Airline pilot with a major regional air carrier - thanks FAC for helping me achieve my own career goals.

Allan Brooks

QantasLink FO

FAC has demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in all aspects of their operations and instructing. They provide an excellence study atmosphere and is dedicated to helping the student achieve learning objectives efficiently. The instructing team is very knowledgeable and helpful, and they are willing to spend the extra time and effort to assist the students the best they can.

Gilbert Leung

Student Pilot

Flying a plane can be easy for some and more difficult for others, and not everyone can do it professionally. At FAC, instructors mould the students in having the right attitude and mentality in addition to the usual pilot competencies.

Edwin Leung

Student Pilot

Being a part time student at FAC, the instructors taught me to fly wholeheartedly with a lot patience. Learning at FAC was made interesting and fun yet very practical. I had lots of support from course mates as we learnt to stand by each other during the training which can be tough at times. I feel strongly that the decision to train at FAC was a very good one and money well spent.

Bowie Li

Student Pilot

Working as an instructor here at FAC not only offers me opportunities to consolidate the skills I learned from Flight Instructor Rating Course but also provides me with a platform for career development as a professional pilot. Being an Asian who has lived in Australia for a couple of years, I understand both Asian and Western values. It helps me in delivering training at FAC whose students come from various cultural backgrounds. These are the experience every flight instructor is striving for.

Ken Ting

Former Flight Instructor Trainee

My short course at Flylink was excellent to say the least. Next to safety, Flylink's number one priority are their students. Not only were the teaching staff extremely helpful, they were also patient and resourceful. The dedicated team of instructors made sure that the entire experience was fulfilling, thorough and comfortable, adapting to the needs of the student. I am very grateful for the knowledge and skills that I have gained, and I truly believe it will benefit my career ahead in aviation. I have no doubt that Flylink Aviation College would equip an aspiring aviator to a high standard, and help realise their true potential."

Kenny Ng

Cathay Pacific SO