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We know the aviation industry

Flylink Aviation College, based in Brisbane since 2017, is one of Queensland’s most well-known flight schools. Whilst we heavily focus on ensuring the technical skills of our students in flying an aeroplane is of high quality, we also devote a tremendous amount of time ensuring their non-technical skills such as situation aware and decision making as a Pilot is also competent.

“The dedicated team of instructors made sure that the entire experience was fulfilling, thorough and comfortable, adapting to the needs of the student."

Kenny Ng

We build people's dreams

Flylink Aviation College is a safe, cost-effective and trusted flight college in Queensland where you can learn how to fly aeroplane. If you’ve ever felt like flying in the air or becoming a commercial pilot, Flylink Aviation College can help you make your dreams come true.

Experienced flight instructors

Our skilled and highly experienced Flight Instructors at Flylink Aviation College will lead you on your way to becoming a CASA licenced pilot. Flylink Aviation College will provide you with the necessary training and personalised flying instruction so you can get the most out of your flight training experience, whether you wish to fly as a recreational pilot or aspire to be a commercial pilot.

Our Approvals:

  • Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 141 Flight Training Organisation
  • Australian Skills Quality Authority accredited Registered Training Organisation
  • Australia Government CRICOS Approved

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