Night Visual Flight Rules
(VFR) Rating

Darkness no longer needs to be your limiting factor when flying! Gaining your Night VFR rating allows you to fly under the Visual Flight Rules at night. NVFR endorsement is valuable as it gives pilots a unique experience of flying at night whilst bathing in stunning city and countryside views.

Key facts

Suggest Autumn and
Winter season

2-6 weeks

Flylink Brisbane – Archerfield

Explore a whole new world of flying

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To conduct this course, you must have a Private Pilot License (PPL). Throughout this course, you will learn how to; fly using ground and satellite-based navaids, fly an aeroplane with reference to limited instruments, understand different types of illusions, and learn how to approach and land at night.

Who is the Night VFR course for?

Airline pilots

PPL Holder

As a standard Day VFR PPL Holder, you are restricted to day-ops only. The NVFR course is perfect for taking this restriction away. It allows you to fly under the VFR at night whilst experiencing breathtaking views and improving your technical and non-technical skills.
Consider NVFR as the initial step into your IFR training. Flying at night offers you the chance to look at the world from a completely different point of view, and it’s the perfect entry into the new world of flying under the IFR later in your training. You’ll learn many new technical skills, and your Situational Awareness will increase significantly.
night vfr rating

Course inclusion

The standard course package includes the following items listed below:

The amount of hours you will be practicing with our Diamond DA20 or DA40.

1.4 hours you will fly as a solo pilot at low visual condition with no other passenger in the plane except you. It is one of the most important factors that determines if you are ready to pass the final test to obtain VFR Rating. It gives you enough practice and experience of flying on top your licence.

These hours are time spent on simulators during your ground training preparing for your VFR Rating. Make sure you are using every hour you spend well.

Having a sound and thorough understanding of the theory is crucial, including thorough knowledge of all the elements you will use most in flying. 

We will provide you with essential textbooks, uniforms and other learning materials throughout the program. Any extra learning materials will come at the student’s cost.

To obtain a VFR Rating, you’ll need to go through the in-house theoretical exams and flight tests that CASA requires.

Those with previous experience, a tailor course can be provided.
Night VFR Rating will help you upgrade your career in aviation
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CASA Flight Crew Qualification:
- CASA Night VFR Rating – Single Engine Aeroplane

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Your dream job isn't far away, with a high demand for pilots projected in the next 10 years!

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