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Mook Wongsoontorn 🇳🇿 🇹🇭

Current Full-Time Dipoma of Aviation (CPL) Student

I graduated with a Bachelor of Aviation Management but soon realised it was not enough to advance my career. I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot and found that Flylink Aviation College was the perfect fit for me. The instructors and staff were kind and welcoming, making me feel like part of the community. They were always available to answer my questions and provide me with the information I needed. The school also has a group chat which helps students connect with each other. Flylink's facilities and amenities on-site were great and the enrolment process was transparent and straightforward. I chose Flylink over other flight schools in Queensland because of their Diamond fleet, known for its safety and efficiency. I highly recommend Flylink for its great courses and fleet, friendly staff, and welcoming atmosphere.

Allan Brooks

Allan Brooks 🇦🇺

Airline Pilot - Boeing 737

As a former student, I highly recommend Flylink Aviation College as a professional pilot training college to help you achieve your flying goals. I completed my Flight Instructor Rating with FAC and graduated with more than just a new rating on my license. I deepened my understanding of training student pilots and contemporary teaching methods. What especially impressed me was their personalised service, knowledge and friendly staff. Their fleet of Diamond aircraft is world-class. I am now working as an Airline Pilot with a primary regional air carrier- thanks to FAC for helping me achieve my own career goals.

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Guido Carin Jr 🇧🇷

Head of Discipline, Aviation - Griffith University

Flylink is different from most schools because of its friendly and multicultural environment. The school is always pursuing innovative ways to make pilot training better, faster and more cost-effective. Throughout the training, you’ll have the support you need to succeed – this is especially important for international students studying abroad. The training is a program designed with the students in mind, as to provide the best experience possible. Training in high-tech aircraft such as Diamond DA40 and DA42, you’ll be well equipped for a bright career in aviation.

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Jeremy Andrews 🇦🇺

Airline Pilot - Boeing 787

I completed my flight training in 2014. Russell Chan, CEO at Flylink Aviation College, was an integral part of my advanced flight training. Russell was one of my primary instructors during  Night VFR, Multi Engine, and Instrument Rating training. This more complex part of flight training required an instructor with a high professional standard and a level of patience to ensure the trainee has a great learning environment. I pleased to say that Russell had both of these qualities, yielding a training process that was enjoyable, yet demanding.


Russell and his instructors create a professional environment in which to learn and excel. They are polite and courteous, but demand a high standard to ensure a new pilot completes their course as a fully developed professional pilot, ready to take on the responsibility of their first flying job.


I found the Diamond aircraft to be a particularly forgiving yet a comfortable and advanced aircraft to fly. The fleet includes a DA20 for basic training, DA40 aircraft with Manual Pitch Propeller Control, and the advanced DA42 with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). The basic trainers have analog instruments whereas the advanced trainers include Multi-function displays. This enables the trainee pilot to learn classic engine and instrument techniques as well as learning advanced platforms to best support their career development.


I have enjoyed a great career which took me to northern Western Australia flying Cessna Caravans, Sydney to become a Captain of a Dash 8, and now flying long haul on a Boeing 787. Russel and his team have been instrumental in enabling me to achieve this success.

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Farhiz Soni 🇦🇺

Royal Australian Air Force - Pilot & FlyLink Aviation College Alumni

The instructors at FAC who mentored me were extremely knowledgeable, this allowed for an easy transfer of information and empowered me to achieve excellent grades in my exams. From being taught, to then teaching at FAC, it was a grateful experience. Allowing myself to pass my knowledge and experience to the next generation of pilots is something I’ll always be grateful for. This year I have joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) where I will get a chance to pursue my dream of being a fast jet pilot. I’m cant express my joy to train, learn and further develop my skills as a fast jet pilot.  However, without my previous foundation at FAC, this would not have been a possible feat.

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Abigail Pundari 🇵🇬

Current Full-Time Diploma of Aviation (CPL) Student

I always wanted to pursue a career in aviation, but due to personal reasons, I couldn't straight out of high school. After 6 years of working in the private sector and obtaining a degree, I finally decided to achieve my dream. Flylink Aviation College (FAC) caught my attention for its focus on diversity and international students. After visiting several flight training schools, I chose FAC for its welcoming atmosphere, excellent support from instructors and staff, and flexible training days. I appreciated the fact that FAC is open and understanding of different cultures, religions and backgrounds. The small trainer-to-student ratio was another reason for my choice, as well as the shared kitchen and student hangout area where I can learn from others and relax. FAC also uses Diamond aircraft known for safety and efficiency, which was a plus for me. As an international student, I would highly recommend FAC to other aspiring pilots, especially in my home country of Papua New Guinea. The support, flexibility, and training methods offered by FAC are second to none, and I am confident that anyone who takes my recommendation will not regret it.

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Aiden Feeney 🇦🇺

Airline Pilot - Boeing 777

I have had the pleasure of knowing Russell since 2013 and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional individual.
As a student, I had the pleasure of being taught by Russell. His passion for flying and his dedication to his craft were evident in every lesson. He had a unique ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms, which greatly aided in my learning experience. Russell's patience, attentiveness, and ability to adapt his teaching style to meet the needs of each student were truly remarkable.
Furthermore, as a colleague, I had the opportunity to witness Russell's professionalism and expertise firsthand. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and commitment to safety were unparalleled. He consistently demonstrated exceptional flight skills and an ability to handle any situation with precision and calmness.
In addition to his professional accomplishments, I have also had the privilege of knowing Russell as a long-term friend. His genuine kindness, empathy, and positive attitude make him a true joy to be around. He is someone who always goes above and beyond to support and uplift those around him.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Russell Chan as a flying instructor and mentor. His passion, knowledge, and ability to connect with students make him an outstanding choice for anyone looking to learn to fly. I am confident that he will go above and beyond to ensure the success and safety of his students.
International students feedback

Davison Barrientos 🇨🇴

FAC PPL, PIR & Formation Graduate

Coming from Colombia, I was apprehensive about travelling to a far away place and spending so much time in a foreign land. Instead, I found that FAC is multi-cultural with an international family-like environment. FAC is oriented to students from the Asia Pacific region, and I've found an eclectic mix of Asian and local Australian staff and students right here. Training to be a pilot requires hard work and concentration, and I've seen the environment conducive to my learning here. There are many social and cultural events and places of interest, as well as entertainment, located nearby. I must admit that I go to the theme parks on the Gold Coast whenever I want a break.


Carrick Yau 🇭🇰🇨🇳

Airline Pilot - Airbus A350

My encounter with Russell at Flylink in April 2019 was transformative for my aviation journey. Despite prior flying experience, Flylink provided me with a fresh perspective and exceptional training. The professionalism of their instructors, including Russell, profoundly influenced my preparation to become an airline pilot. Flylink equipped me with invaluable skills and insights, offering a solid foundation for my career. I am sincerely grateful to Flylink for broadening my horizons and instilling a passion for aviation. The knowledge and perspective gained from their training have been invaluable throughout my career. Flylink's unwavering commitment to excellence and exceptional instructors, particularly Russell, played a crucial role in shaping my journey as a pilot. Russell's keen ability to identify and address my weaknesses challenged me to grow and improve. His guidance and support helped me develop the mindset and strategies to overcome these weaknesses. I am grateful for his mentorship and the transformative impact it had on my abilities as a pilot.
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Hamza Macci 🇩🇪

Current Part-Time Student

I chose Flylink for my PPL training due to its cost-effectiveness and multicultural atmosphere with students from all over the world. The instructors, Farhiz and Rob, put in a lot of effort for each student, accommodating their schedules and helping them gain confidence in their flying. Farhiz was instrumental in getting me to feel comfortable with long solo flights, and Rob has continued to support me in my training.

Although Flylink is a small flight school, it offers great facilities including simulators, classrooms, instructors, and Diamond aircraft. The Diamond aircraft are comfortable, fuel-efficient and safe, providing the perfect type of aircraft for training. I'd highly recommend Flylink for anyone who loves learning and training with people from different cultures and wants to fly great aircraft with brilliant instructors. Everyone at Flylink helps each other out and creates a supportive environment for all.


Ocean Ng 🇭🇰🇨🇳

Airline Pilot - Airbus A350

As a former cadet pilot, I would say, it is of the utmost importance to have someone with a high standard of aviation knowledge, flying skills, teaching ability, and proper pilot attributes to guide you through the intensive flight training, and eventually becoming a professional pilot.
It was a pleasure to have known Mr. Russell Chan, the CEO at FlyLink Aviation College, since 2014.  Russell is a very exceptional and inspired instructor,  who has enlightened me on becoming a professional airline pilot.
Russell and his team are highly experienced.  They demonstrated a remarkable understanding of technical knowledge and most importantly they are very experienced in coaching.  I still remember that my instructors could often spot some of my inconspicuous habits in the air and were able to provide timely advice for improvement.  The team is highly effective, both in the skies and on the ground, to deliver the required knowledge to students.
I am truly thankful for the whole-hearted devotion the team made in nurturing me to become a better pilot. I was made ready with a strong foundation to overcome the challenge in the airline cadet programme, as well as the highly professional airline operating environment after I graduated.
Stephanie Chow Photo

Stephanie Chow 🇭🇰 🇨🇳

Airline Pilot - Airbus 350

As a commercial flight pilot for a world-class airline,
one may believe that it's of the utmost importance to develop correct flying skills right from the beginning of pilot training. This is exactly what I believed as well. After 8 years of training, I joined FAC for their experienced instructors, well-maintained aircraft, challenging airspace, and determination to develop the correct pilot attributes. Flying involves in-depth knowledge, preparation, understanding of checklists, and managing threats and errors. Flylink taught me these attributes, allowing me to complete my airline cadet training successfully. Thank you, Flylink, for making me a better pilot.

Gilber Leung

Gilber Leung 🇭🇰 🇨🇳

FAC RPL Graduate

FAC has demonstrated proficiency and professionalism in all aspects of its operations and instruction. They provide an excellent study atmosphere and are dedicated to helping the student achieve learning objectives efficiently. The instructing team is very knowledgeable and helpful and willing to spend the extra time and effort to assist the students the best they can.

International students feedback

Marco Man 🇭🇰 🇨🇳

Former FAC GIII Flight Instructor

The time I spent at FAC as a trainee will always be remembered. The whole organisation, staff, and students are always close-knit, friendly, and helpful. The lady in charge of student management is always helpful. She ensures that all arrangements and non-training matters like accommodations and even grocery shopping trips are well organised. I feel confident in my flying skills and abilities because of how I was instructed, and safety awareness is always emphasised. I would recommend coming here for your pilot training.


Sam Lee 🇹🇼

Charter Pilot & CASA Flight Instructor

My mentor Mr. Russell Chan (CEO, FlyLink Aviation College) and Mr. Farhiz Soni (RAAF Pilot) was patient and knowledgeable; under their careful guidance, I was able to start my career in aviation as Flight Instructor with confidence.
Transferring my instructing experience from FlyLink, I was able to assist others in achieving success as a Line Training Pilot in Commercial Charter companies.
The unique and invaluable opportunities provided by FlyLink have left a lasting impact on my career, and I am grateful for their continuous push and support for excellence.
Domestic students feedback

Alex Torkington 🇦🇺

FAC RPL Graduate

FAC provides an excellent pilot training experience as the operations and training are of professional standards while also providing an encouraging and comfortable environment. FAC cares about the student’s movement, and every instructor supports us in reaching our desired goals. They provide knowledgeable insight into our flying experience and spend time with us to demonstrate the ideal performance we aim for and share their flying experience to better relate to our growth as a pilot.

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Adrian Sinclair 🇦🇺

Airline Pilot - Boeing 737

I was trained under the oversight of the now Chief Flying Instructor of Flylink Aviation College from late 2014 to early 2016, from zero hours through to gaining my IR MEA. Because of Russell's high standard of safety and industry-leading quality of training, I was able to progress from next to no experience of actual flying to passing a CPL Flight Test in 10 months. Russell's priority is his students. He prepares you extremely well for all upcoming examinations so that when it comes time to conduct them, you feel more than ready. Under his guidance and leadership, as well as his passion for seeing students excel in their field, my close peers and I were able to pass all our theory exams and Flight Tests on first attempt. I would not be the pilot I am today without his persistent encouragement and guidance, and the peers I trained alongside will definitely agree.


Elvis Yuen 🇭🇰 🇨🇳

FAC RPL Graduate

FAC delivers world-class professional pilot training using a modern fleet of Diamond aircraft. The instructors here genuinely want to help each student achieve their aviation goals and guide them step by step during their training. The instructor team provides outstanding support to students when facing difficulties in practical flying or ground school. They want students to improve each time, trying to make them the best pilot they can be.


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