Flight Instructor Rating
(GIII Training Endorsement)


Total Aeronautical Experience

16 weeks



CASA Flight Instructor Rating (GIII Training Endorsement) is a course targeted to students who are passionate about transferring their aviation passion, knowledge and skills to the next generations of pilots. In addition to equipping you with professional teaching, delivering, assessing and communicating skills, this course will also further enhance both your technical and non-technical skills as a pilot. The CASA Flight Instructor Rating (GIII Training Endorsement) is the foundation qualification of a Flight Instructor’s career and may lead to highly regarded professional roles such as Flight Instructor Rating Trainer, Chief Flying Instructor and/or Flight Examiner. The signature course of FlyLink Aviation College, our Flight Instructor Rating (GIII Training Endorsement) course is always the channel management of FlyLink tunes to whilst seeking for new teaching staff.

Those with previous experience, a tailor course can be provided.


Upon successful graduation, you will be rewarded with:


Course Fee:

*Indicative - subject to change. Further clarification upon enquiry

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